Sensei Rob,
Thank you for putting up karate throws.com. The instruction is excellent. The drills are easy to follow with the basics broken down to simple to follow steps. It even has some bun kai. This site is a must for anyone who wants to learn or improve your throwing capabilities.

– Dr. Brian J. Maher

Dr. Brian J. Maher,

As a student of Sensei DiAngelis, I have utilized KarateThrows.com as an invaluable resource in order to increase my karate knowledge, refine my skills and expand my repertoire of Shotokan techniques.  Sensei DiAngelis and his team of instructors offer expert instruction that is now accessible through his virtual Dojo at KarateThrows.com, making any limitation of time and place irrelevant.  In addition to my training sessions at the Dojo, I continue my martial arts studies at home or even during my lunch break at work using my iPhone or iPad.  As a public school teacher of seventeen years I appreciate the comprehensive instruction that KarateThrows.com offers and how the demonstration videos model the application of each technique.


Rick Petrosky , Shotokan Practitioner

Sensei DeAngelis and his staff are some of the best karate instructors in the world. Sensei DeAngelis has a remarkable ability to communicate complex skills and techniques in a way all his students understand. Watching his video series has been very helpful to my karate development.

Mr. James Martin, Student